Ecotourism accommodation

“a new sense for basics - authentic, original, local”

AMPLE /ˈampəl/ enough or more than enough; plentiful.

Ample Places is an enterprise dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of superior accommodation and living for travellers. We have started creating Ample Places inspired by the joy and beauty of life in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Our ultimate goal is to enable travellers to experience what it is like to live, eat and sleep in an authentic modern or rural house of a local, in a pleasant and uncluttered space, under the sun of an island full of enticing aromas, flavours and exuberant people, passionate about life and its secrets.

Ample Places is a form of ecotourism that operates as a low-impact, educational, ecologically and culturally sensitive traveller’s accommodation and living, with a positive impact on the Cypriot local communities and the island. The houses of Ample Places provide a form of accommodation that is unique for the standards of the Cyprus rental market, providing the best of traditional materials and contemporary facilities. Our houses are in the unique location of Pano Lefkara village and have been flawlessly designed to provide comfort and aesthetic delight (prices start from just €33 per person per night).

Our ultimate goal is to make eco-sensitive travellers from all over the world feel at home away from home, live as a local while abroad and experience a place through the eyes of the ‘insider’. We aim that you will have an exceptional holiday with us.

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