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“eating is one of life’s simplest pleasures”

Cyprus is the island of deep blue seas, harmonious skies and fragrant air with dry and hot summers, mild winters and occasional bursts of rain. Gastronomically, it is the colourful, sensuous Cyprus of strong flavours and aromas. What defines the island’s cuisine and makes it so unique, is undoubtedly the country’s warm climate and its cultural influences through its magnificent history.

As with poetry and music, cuisines have rhymes and tunes and recurrent themes that characterise them. The island’s cuisine signature tunes have been highly influenced by the Greek and the Turkish cuisine, as well as by the gastronomy of the island’s neighbouring countries, the Middle Eastern and Northern African cuisines.

The Mediterranean region offers its people the best in-season ingredients for a healthy life: olive oil, fruit, vegetables, fish, yogurt, cheese, herbs, almonds, walnuts, wheat, grains, wine, game... For a Cypriot, following recipes of the local culinary traditions is not enough – the way you handle dough, the right moment to take in or take out a dish from the oven, the touch and the smell of things are just as important. Even the way you cook in different weather conditions can considerably affect a recipe.

Although traditional Cypriot cooking evolved, it preserves its timeless character and its identity. The Cypriot cuisine is characterised by its simplicity and the ability to capture the essence of what good food should be about -this is the Cyprus of the hara tis zois (“joy of living”). Flavours, textures and aromas will cast a spell on you!

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