Ecotourism accommodation

“less material, less energy, less consumption, less damage for the planet”

Ample Places focuses on socially responsible travelling and short-stay accommodation, personal development and environmental sustainability. Biodiversity preservation, local socio-economic benefits and environmental impact are different aspects of “ecotourism". The ecological criteria of Ample Places involve the following standards: effective sustainability planning, maximum social and economic benefits for the local Cypriot communities and minimum negative impact on the island’s cultural heritage and on the environment.

Our ecology program minimizes the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhances the cultural integrity of local Cypriot people. In addition to evaluating environmental and cultural factors, an integral part of ecotourism is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation and the creation of economic opportunities for the local community.

Ample Places adopted the concept of “reusing” and has gathered together a collection of handcrafted household objects and furnishings, which were found ready or have been recycled and repaired by local artisans. This process of reusing an object/furniture and transforming it into something more interesting, more beautiful or more functional is a continuation to the founding principles of a sustainable and eco-friendly design. This concept lies more within evolution rather than revolution and introduces a combination between the universal living habits and a re-interpretation of the local Cypriot tradition.

The initiatives of Ample Places are carried out to raise the travellers’ awareness, inform them about different environmental issues and make them care about the places they visit. Our purpose is to educate the traveller, to provide funds for ecological conservation, to provide direct benefits to the economic development of the community and to foster respect for the Cypriot culture. It encourages visits to Cypriot destinations where flora, fauna and the island’s cultural heritage are the primary attractions.

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