Ecotourism accommodation

Celebrating Life
“authentic Cyprus: exemplary, inspiring, reinvented”

Cypriots are warm, gentle and welcoming people, living life to the full. This is partly due to the fact that in the historic centre of each city, but also in the villages, Cypriots live in beautiful buildings brimming with character. Since travelling is about acquiring new experiences and getting a taste of local flavours, there is no better way to enjoy a short or long stay accommodation in a place that preserves its traditional character, surrounded by local people. Generous and authentic, Cypriots enjoy sharing with their guests the finest secrets of their island. After all, there is always an interesting story to listen to.

Ample Places aims at exceeding the travellers’ expectations, their passion to get acquainted with the local culture and people, the country’s history, art, fine nature, its unique food and, moreover, its unparalleled hospitality. The travellers’ stay in Cyprus at Ample Places will be guided by culture, nature, art and authentic tradition. The Ample Places’ creative team shifts the attention of the traveller and everyday observer from mere sightseeing towards observing, enjoying and understanding their surroundings.

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