Ecotourism accommodation

Concept, brief development and architecture
Design Research Office / Valis Loizides
Structural design and supervision
Georgiana Loizides
Building restoration
Nicodemou & Gavrias Construction Company Ltd
Marketing and sales strategy
Shak Vasiliou
Specialist consulting on hospitality
Christina Christodoulides
Research on history and traditional Cypriot hospitality
Georgiana Loizides
Graphic identity, website design and printed material
Design Research Office / Valis Loizides
Photography of the houses
Silvio Rusmigo
Graphic design
Christos Georgiou
Text written, translated and edited
Diamanto Stylianou
Web design, development and maintenance
Matt Gregory
Public relations and marketing
Danae Stylianou
Adam Batchelor
Video soundtrack
Yiannis Christidis

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